Linens really make the difference.


Plain white just doesn't always work. Adding the right linen touches with the correct lighting is two major parts of the recipe for a gorgeous event. You can count on the Satin Chair Team to provide you with the best quality linens. 



Crushed Shimmer Table Cloth in Ivory-Blush. Gold Charger plates. Notice how well the linen compliments the centerpiece. 

Satin Sashes and Table Runners

Satin Sash Colors Not Shown: Blush Pink - Willow Green - Buttercup Yellow - Oasis

Organza Sashes and Runners

Satin Overlays

Satin Overlay Colors not shown: Platinum - Blush - Fuchsia - Baby Pink - Tiffany Blue - Burgundy - Apple Red

Print and Textured Linens


Linens not shown: Taupe Rosette - Burlap - Ivory Rosette - Silver Rosette - Silver Sequin - Gold Sequin - Black Sequin 

Luxury Table Runners

Luxury Table Runners Not Shown: Silver Sequin - Blush Sequin - Gold Sequin - Silver Rosette - Taupe Rosette - Ivory Rosette - Chemical Lace - 

Lycra/Spandex Bands

Spandex Band Colors not Shown: Blush - Pewter - White - Black - Willow Green - Champagne - Gold -Sequin Blush - Clover Green - Apple Red

Satin Table Cloths

Satin Table Cloth Colors not Shown: Blush Pink  

Satin Table Runners

Satin Table Runners Not Shown: Blush Pink - 

Gold Chiavari Chairs

Silver Chiavari Chairs

Garden Chairs

Ruched Chair Covers 

Spandex Chair Covers

Standard Chair Covers